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An empire was a system of government which controlled multiple culturally distinct population groups, often consisting of different planets and/or species. Empires were usually led by an emperor, who may have been elected or hereditary. Usually, they were much larger than a kingdom.

In some cases, the term "empire" also referred to a massive nongovernmental organizational body, usually one that is illicit in its actions. This is most commonly associated with criminal empires, such as the one belonging to the infamous Hutt gangster Jabba Desilijic Tiure.


There have been numerous empires in galactic history:



Prior to the formation of the Galactic Republic, several star systems/star sectors had been empires, also known as moffs, with the political title of Moff (and to an extent, Grand Moff) originating from the warlords who ran these empires peaceably joining the Galactic Republic.

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