Enara was a woman who lived in the Koornacht Cluster, either baseline Human or perhaps Andalese. In 17 ABY, she was captured by the Yevetha and held on the Pride of Yevetha during the Great Purge.

She claimed to be a worker from the pholikite mines of the Morath colony on Elcorth, but in fact she was a Fallanassi adept from J't'p'tan.

As such, she was instrumental in the escape of the survivors of the Purge. All the other "captives" aboard the ship were in fact illusions, conjured by her White Current training to prevent the Yevetha from realizing that the real hostages had been rescued by the Star Morning.

When Chewbacca came to rescue Han Solo, she hid the Millennium Falcon until Chewbacca and Lumpawaroo could come and save Han. She held the illusion even until after the Falcon's departure.



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