This article is about the Dauntless-class heavy cruiser. You may be looking for other uses of the word.

Endor was a Dauntless-class heavy cruiser in the New Republic Defense Fleet. It was destroyed sometime in 13 ABY when it was led into a trap near the planet RZ7-6113-23.


Ambush at RZ7-6113-23

The destruction of the Endor.

In 13 ABY, the Endor was on a patrol near the planetoid RZ7-6113-23 when it intercepted two TIE/sr starfighters. The ship tried to follow the starfighters only to be led into a trap. The captain realized the trap too late and the Endor was destroyed by a single blast from a fully charged surface-to-space cannon from the Restored Empire base.

Captain Lar Ndigo was later charged by General Han Solo to investigate the disappearance of the Endor.


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