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"There's an old tree fort around here. It'll be perfect for our new home!"
―Wicket Wystri Warrick, to Teebo[src]

On the Forest Moon of Endor, a fort was built on the branch of a large, hollow tree. Although the tree itself served as the home of Larry the Shriek, the fort was eventually abandoned, and Larry acted as an evil night spirit to prevent anyone from inhabiting it. In 3 ABY, the Ewoks Wicket Wystri Warrick and Teebo lived in the fort for a period after they ran away from home.


"It's a mess!"
"All it needs is a little work. Come on, we'll fix it up!"
―Teebo and Wicket[src]
Fort inside

The fort's interior

Built mostly of wood, the fort was constructed on the branch of a large, hollow tree on the Forest Moon of Endor. Built in the shape of a bowl, it had at least two windows, a functioning door, and a trapdoor in the floor. Leading from the moon's surface to the fort was a crudely constructed ladder. The fort's conical roof was supported by vertical beams. As time passed, the fort became structurally weaker, developing cracks and leaks in the roof as boards began falling off.[1]


"Sure is nice to have neighbors again."
"Yeah, we're surprised the Shrieks let you stay here."
―Two Kagles[src]

Built by 3 ABY,[4] the fort was constructed on the branch of a massive, hollow tree but was eventually abandoned, and several pieces of furniture, including a round table, were left behind. At some point, a Shriek named Larry, who had run away from home, took up residence in the tree upon which the fort was built; the Shriek assumed the persona of an evil forest spirit to frighten away potential intruders.[1]

On the day of the Harvest Festival[1] in 3 ABY,[4] the Ewoks Wicket Wystri Warrick[3] and Teebo absconded from Bright Tree Village[5] to escape their parents' rules. They stumbled upon the old tree fort, and Warrick suggested making it their new home. However, the structure was in poor condition, so the Ewoks spent the day reattaching broken boards and preparing their new home for permanent occupation by setting up hammocks and cooking food on a makeshift stove.[1] When fellow Ewoks Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka[3] and Latara came to the fort and attempted to convince their friends to return home, Warrick turned them away, convinced that he and Teebo would be fine on their own. As the weather turned rainy, Warrick sent Teebo to find dinner. Warrick continued to clean the fort until Teebo returned with three creatures known as the Kagles, who lived near the fort. Teebo—having eaten at the Kagles' home and having brought nothing for Warrick—sat at the table for a game of crocks with the Kagles, who told him they were surprised that the Shrieks had given the Ewoks permission to stay at the tree fort. When the Ewoks told them they had no knowledge of the Shrieks, however, the Kagles fled in fear. Teebo suggested that he and Warrick return home, but Warrick, more worried about being laughed at by his fellow Ewoks than the threat of the Shrieks, convinced Teebo that they should stay and deal with the Shrieks themselves.[1]

Ewoks falling

The fort's floor collapses.

That night, the two Ewoks prepared several traps and waited by lamplight as an ominous cackling sound filled the air. When Warrick extinguished the lamp's flame, a Shriek named Larry entered the fort, now in total darkness, and a scuffle ensued. Warrick reignited the lamp, and the Ewoks briefly saw a figure fleeing through the door of the fort. However, when they attempted to follow, they were ensnared by one of their own traps, which prevented them from reaching the door and instead propelled them through the air back to where they had been assaulted. When the Ewoks landed, the fort's floor collapsed, and the Ewoks tumbled to the ground. They again saw something enter the hollow tree through its base, and they pursued and caught the figure. The Shriek introduced himself as Larry and explained that he had been haunting the area ever since he ran away from home several years earlier. When he eventually returned home, Larry continued, he found that his entire tribe had left. Warrick and Teebo, moved by Larry's story, resolved to abandon the fort and return home for the Harvest Festival; they invited Larry along with them.[1]

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The tree fort makes its first appearance in "Home is Where the Shrieks Are,"[1] the third episode of the second season of the Star Wars: Ewoks television series. The episode, which was written by Bob Carrau and first aired on September 20, 1986,[6] does not make it clear to whom the fort originally belonged, or whether Larry moved to the tree before or after the fort's construction.[1]


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