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Eneb Ray was a human male who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He was a spy for the Rebellion and, on its behalf, infiltrated the Imperial bureaucracy on Coruscant, working as a tax collector under the codename Tharius Demo. He was assigned by Princess Leia Organa to rescue a group of former senators, ones loyal to the Rebellion, from execution in the Arrth-Eno Prison Complex on Coruscant. Once inside, he met a fellow spy named Coleet and, upon learning that Darth Sidious, the Emperor, was planning on being at the station, plotted to assassinate the Emperor. The plot failed; the senators were killed, all of the spies except for Ray were eliminated, and the Empire destroyed the prison and claimed a propaganda victory over the Rebels who the Emperor publicly accused of the terrorist attack. Ray left Coruscant, his cover having been blown.[1] Later, his psychological state severely damaged, Ray attacked Sunspot Prison, murdering the Imperials imprisoned there in an attempt to turn Princess Leia into a more ruthless leader. He was defeated and captured by the Alliance.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Eneb Ray was introduced in the 2015 comic book Star Wars Annual 1.[1] In the comic's solicitation, he was incorrectly identified as Haarkon Dak.[3]


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