Enin'sd was an XQ4 Platform used by the Rebel Alliance.


The platform received the Sealion, a prototype of the Missile Boat starfighter, from the MC80a Link before its capture.

The Garrett managed to track the location of the station then launched an attack with Maarek Stele in one of the missile boats. Despite numerous fighters, ranging from Z-95 Headhunters and R-41 Starchasers to attacking the Garrett with A-wings, B-wings, X-wings and Y-wings and help of the Strike-class medium cruiser Piimi and the late arrival of the Nebulon-B2 frigate Equator, the platform was destroyed, and its cargo was largely destroyed (save for the Sealion itself, which had been illicitly recovered by Stele under orders from the Prophets of the Dark Side).

Behind the scenesEdit

Enin'sd is DS Nine spelled backwards, a Star Trek reference.