"Sergeant Ennlicher reporting in, sir. We've received little resistance so far."

Ennlicher was a Human male sergeant of the Sith Empire during the Galactic War. In 3642 BBY he was stationed on Hoth as part of an Imperial campaign to trap Republic in a quagmire and deprive them of resources. However, Captain Biron and his men found a greater threat in being besieged by the pirates of the Hailstorm Brotherhood and were forced to cooperate with Republic instead. Ennlicher led a joint assault on the main base of the Hailstorm Brotherhood - the Chilling Death Spire together with Republic Sergeant Katcho. Katcho refused to trust the Imperial to uphold the temporary truce they had, but was proven wrong when, after death of Master Sav, Ennlicher ordered his men to fall back, showing no intention to betray the Republic.