Ensa was a moisture farmer on Molavar and the wife of the protective Byrom.


During one of her regular check-ups on their antiquated moisture vaporators with her protocol droid L-23, Ensa was attacked by the Dark Jedi Lycan. Due to Lycan's state of health and mind at the time of his attack, Ensa was able to escape with no injuries. Fearful of another attack, Ensa's husband mined the majority of their fields.

One day, her husband returned with a stranger after his regular patrol on their borders. Ensa and Byrom fed and sheltered the strange Jedi named Darca Nyl. That night while conversing with Darca, Ensa recognized a familiar thread that ran through her husband and the Jedi. The next day, Ensa and Byrom's kindness was repaid when Darca assisted the moisture farmers in dealing with local gangsters threatening them with death.