Entechment Rig

A Ssi-ruuvi entechment rig

"There's no way to describe the pain of having your very life force, the energy that sustains you, ripped from your body, nerve ending by nerve ending…"
Dev Sibwarra[src]

Entechment rigs were devices used for the Ssi-ruuk process of entechment, in which an individual's life energies were drained to supply energy for powering various technological devices used by the reptilian aliens.


A subject was captured and strapped into an entechment chair, where a catchment rig was placed into position. Prior to entechment, a magnetic solution, known as magsol was injected into the individual's carotid artery.

The catchment arc then applied a powerful magnetic field which charged the magsol and drained the subject's life energy, causing grievous pain to the subject and eventually resulting in death. Because of the misery of their occupants, entechment rigs were surrounded by slight concentrations of the dark side. The captured life energy was then used to power Ssi-ruuvi ion paddle beamers, battle droids and other technological devices in use by the Ssi-ruuk.


Entechment-rig negwt

An Entechment rig

This technology had been originally developed by the Ssi-ruuk for use on a slave species known as P'w'ecks. However, when they came into contact with the galaxy, the Ssi-ruuk discovered that Humans were a far more powerful source of energy than the P'w'eck. However, an echo of the Human's memory accompanied the electricity into the catchment arc. This echo perceived itself as being alive and often suffered from psychosis caused by the entechment process, thus reducing the life energy's sustainable period to a few days.

The Ssi-ruuk claimed that the entechment process was entirely painless, although the victims would always scream as if in severe agony when hooked up to the entechment rigs. The Ssi-ruuk employed the Force-sensitive Human Dev Sibwarra to calm those being enteched, although they told even him that it was a painless process, even promising that he would someday be "allowed" to be enteched. This helped in the entechment process since the life energies did not degenerate too rapidly.

During the Invasion of Bakura in 4 ABY, Dev sensed the arrival of Luke Skywalker through the Force and theorized that his Jedi powers would allow him to entech subjects from far away. After the Ssi-ruuk agreed with the project, they arranged for a special reclining entechment bed to be built. This was equipped with locking arms, leg bands and twin tubes which would pump both magsol and nutrients into the individual's bloodsteam, pacifying his nervous system for the bed's catchment circuits.

This nutrient flow allowed the Ssi-ruuk to leave the subject on the entechment bed for several days. The upper spine beamer could also numb the person from thirty-five minutes to two hours to counter resistance. The reptilian aliens also developed a mind-control drug that would force a Jedi against their will to entech subjects in a process that was excruciatingly painful for both the captive Jedi and the entechment subjects.

This bed was first tested on Dev, who enteched a subject a few meters away from him. It was believed among the Ssi-ruuk that Luke Skywalker's Jedi powers would allow him to entech subjects even thousands of kilometers away. They managed to capture him and attempted to prepare for their project. However, Dev overcame his indoctrination and then freed Skywalker. They then defeated the Ssi-ruuk on the ship Shriwirr and forced them to flee.



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