"Oddly enough, people do sometimes mistake me for a droid."
―Entoo Nee[src]

Entoo Needan E-elz, a male Human who preferred to go by Entoo Nee, was an employee of Jorj Car'das after Car'das retired to Exocron. He was often mistaken for a droid given his name and odd protocol droid-like behavior.

E-elz met with smuggler Talon Karrde on the planet Dayark, masquerading as an aide to General Jutka of the Kathol Republic. Later, Karrde landed at Rintatta City on the planet Exocron, where he met E-elz once again. E-elz led Talon Karrde to Jorj Car'das.

Behind the scenesEdit

Entoo Nee's full name was "Entoo Needaan E-elz", which is phonetically similar to "Anthony Daniels", who played C-3PO. Timothy Zahn named the character after Daniels.[1]




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