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Entralla was a planet in the Velcar Free Commerce Zone. Prior to the rise of the New Order, the planet had a diversity of religions and a rich history blended with myths. The most notable local holiday was the Lunar Night, when the Parade of Ghosts was held. After the Battle of Endor, the populace tried to regain independence. However, the world was subjugated by the Pentastar Alignment. The New Republic deemed the Alignment too powerful to tackle at the time, so an independent resistance group called the Red Moons arose under the leadership of Entrallan native Andrephan Stormcaller, a disillusioned NRI officer whom left the New Republic because it refused to help his homeworld. The planet was the headquarters of the Guild of Interstellar Merchants.

The planet was also home to the red-crested aviar swooper.[2]

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