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"I promised Master Dar'nala I'd tell you about the Sith Lord who ordered the attack on the Envoy... I tried..."

The Envoy was a Republic transport ship in the days of the Old Republic during the Great Galactic War with a re-emerging Sith Empire.



The Envoy is attacked by a Sith warship

The same day as the Sacking of Coruscant, the Envoy transported Republic delegates to Alderaan to meet with representatives from the Sith Empire to discuss a treaty. The Republic delegates were led by Senator Paran Am-Ris. The Imperial delegates were led by Lord Baras.

Not long after this mission and after Senator Am-Ris had returned to Coruscant, the Envoy was ambushed by a Sith warship under the command of Captain Sivill. The ship was destroyed and Jedi Master Dar'nala was captured. Only Jedi Knight Satele Shan and Imperial droid SP-99 managed to escape in an escape pod.

Later, Master Dar'nala arranged for the release of Braden, a bounty hunter and fellow captive, so that he could report the attack to Master Zym on Coruscant. Braden made contact with Zym, but was forced to battle and kill the Jedi Master when Zym attempted to arrest him for killing a Republic officer, Gin Lesl, in retaliation for an earlier altercation.



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