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"Our goal is to serve."

Enzeen were rarely-encountered blue-skinned humanoids who inhabited D'vouran, though they were not indigenous to the planet. They had needle-like spikes in place of hair on their heads, and were slightly chubby in form. A colony of Enzeen was relocated to D'vouran by Borborygmus Gog as part of Project Starscream. They formed a symbiotic relationship with Gog's bioengineered world. The Enzeen attracted tourists to the planet and brought them into the forests, where the planet would devour them. In return, the planet provided sustenance, which the Enzeen sucked from its crust with their long tube-like tongues. All Enzeen on D'vouran wore small pendants that projected force fields, preventing the planet from consuming them. Enzeen were believed to hail from an unknown world, although some believed that the Enzeen were themselves a bioengineered race.



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