Eopi CWA2

The eopi Elrod with his owner on Nadiem.

"Your eopi will require the space of three people. To which of your neighbors do you suggest we deny passage?"
Luminara Unduli[src]

The eopi was a quadruped mammal native to Nadiem similar in appearance to the eopie of Tatooine.

The eopi had mottled green skin and a long, trunk-like snout below two bulging eyes. Some eopi were known to have been domesticated, and made loyal pets. During the Battle of Nadiem, a local citizen of the planet was forced to leave his pet, named Elrod, behind when his settlement was threatened by General Grievous. The citzen said "You just run Elrode. You'll be safe. I'll come back for you".

Behind the scenesEdit

It is not clear if eopi is a misspelling of the previously mentioned eopie, intended to be an unrelated, albeit similar, species, or a subspecies or genetic cousin.


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