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Eopies were quadruped herbivores native to the planet Tatooine. These tough creatures were acclimated to their homeworld's endless deserts, and as a result were domesticated by the planet's inhabitants. They often worked as transports or beast of burden, though they were often bad-tempered and stubborn, and could break wind if their load was too heavy.[2][3] Eopies were observed to exhibit flatulence.[1] As such, when riding a caravan of eopies, it was recommended to always ride on the foremost animal.[6] On some planets, Eopie was served as a delicacy. Power Sliders, a small diner located in a small settlement on the remote world of Abafar, had Eopie stew on its menu.[7]

Eopies were also found on the planet Saleucami,[8] and the desert moon Zardossa Stix.[9]

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Originally, the role of the Eopie was to be filled by the Kaadu of Naboo.[10] However, due to the evolving story of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, which called for the Gungans to be beast-riding soldiers, the Kaadu was transported to Naboo,[11] leading to the creation of the Eopie. An early production painting of the Kaadu hauling a Podracer engine on Tatooine by Doug Chiang was retouched in Adobe Photoshop to create the Eopie.[10]



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