This article is about the Star Destroyer. You may be looking for the Moff Ephin Sarreti, whom the ship was named for.

The Ephin Sarreti was a Star Destroyer in service to the Fel Empire. Part of the Second Outer Rim Fleet, Rulf Yage served aboard the vessel, coordinating starfighter tactics for the entire fleet.


The Ephin Sarreti was a Star Destroyer that served the Fel Empire over a hundred years after the Battle of Yavin. It carried a number of starfighters aboard.[1]


The Ephin Sarreti was assigned to the Second Outer Rim Fleet. At some point, Rulf Yage—a former pilot with Skull Squadron and later a Grand Admiral—served aboard the vessel. His primary duty was coordinating starfighter tactics and deployment for the entire fleet.[1]

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The Ephin Sarreti received its only mention in the Legacy Era Campaign Guide, published in 2009, where it was established in Rulf Yage's biography that he had served aboard the vessel.


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