The Epicanthix were tall, muscular, dark-haired Near-Humans native to the Outer Rim Territories world of Panatha, in the Pacanth Reach.

Members of this species spoke Epicant.


The species was a near-Human race. Known as warriors, the Epicanthix conquered many neighboring planets in the Reach, such as Bunduki. Epicanthix were known to live longer than Humans, with an average lifespan approaching 130 years. They possess a rare genetic immunity to Force-assisted mental tricks, influence, domination and mind reading. Darth Chratis, a Lord powerful enough to read the minds of other Sith against their will, could not even read the true intentions of an honest Epicanthix Imperial Agent spy.

Some well-known Epicanthix were the Dark Jedi Yun, as well as the Teräs Käsi-trained fighters of the Pike family: Dux, and his twin daughters Zan and Zu.

Although Epicanthix appeared very similar to baseline human, they were distinct enough that they could be recognized by sight, as in the case of Epicanthix Imperial Agent Ula Vii who was so recognized by a pair of Imperials and ridiculed for his non-Human ancestry.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Whoa, I didn't realize that the name of the Epicanthix species was probably derived from epicanthic fold. That's… uncomfortable."
―Daniel Wallace[src]

It has been speculated that the Epicanthix are named after the epicanthic fold,[3] a feature of human eyes commonly associated with East Asian people.[4][5][6] Author Daniel Wallace has expressed discomfort at the idea.[3]

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