Epicenter Six was the name of the computer program that the Twi'lek Kiph, an expert slicer, created for the purpose of taking control of the Iziz Royal Palace defense systems during the Onderon Civil War. Kiph, who was identified as User 0 by the program, had been hired by General Vaklu and charged with the task of preventing the Jedi Exile and her companions, along with the Royalist soldiers from defending Queen Talia.


  • The primary security console in the South Hall of the Palace was the only terminal capable of accessing the Palace security system.
  • Prevented access to the Palace security grid from the secondary security console in the West Security Complex.
  • Had control over the four Military droid MK II in the Security Complex.
  • Disabled primary cameras.
  • Disabled system commands on all periphery computer terminals.
  • Had the ability to overload any periphery computer terminal.
  • Locked down the Sky Ramp secondary computer system.
  • Had the ability to overload power conductors on the Sky Ramp and in the Palace.

Behind the scenesEdit

If a computer terminal was accessed within the palace, the console overload sequence would initiate and the terminal screen would display the message - Here's a present for you, Jedi - from User 0 seconds before exploding. If the Exile had a high enough computer skill, the sequence could be aborted and the screen would display the message - Just try that next time - from User 0,