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Epsis was a criminal organization based in Point Nadir. It was headed by Liash Keane, a female Ubese. It specialized in crimes such as dealing in illegal technology, slicing, forgery, and "reallocations of ownership".


Liash Keane

Liash Keane, technocrat and founder of Epsis.

Epsis was founded by the Ubese Liash Keane. Keane had a typical Ubese interest in technology, and to fund that interest, began to take jobs such as assassination, mercenary work, and other such undertakings. After a particularly well-paying job, Keane went into business for herself. She began on Nar Shaddaa, acquiring rare and often illegal technology for her clients. Over time, she became well-known in her field of expertise, and decided to begin gathering together several other thieves, technophiles, and similarly-minded associates to create a powerful network of their respective skills. They became so powerful in fact, that several powerful Hutt Kajidics gave her and her associates an ultimatum—assimilate themselves to the Hutts or die. Keane chose neither, instead ordering her network to go underground, and continuing her work on the run under various guises. Keane eventually settled in Point Nadir, and the present-day Epsis was born.