Equipment was a department within the Intentions branch of Alliance Intelligence. Staffed by some of the best scientists and technicians serving in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Equipment designed and built custom equipment for undercover operations, such as listening devices, sensors, miniature holo-cams, weapons that could resist detection, shielded communications equipment, and untraceable poisons. They also investigated and analyzed Imperial weapons and equipment captured during field operation.

Equipment installations were located across the galaxy, primarily on safe worlds. Despite having an excellent safety record, the laboratories were nicknamed "boom rooms," and the members of Equipment usually had various unrepeatable nicknames for each other. Equipment staffers were known for being eccentric and whimsical, constantly pranking one another and any unfortunate Rebel that was close by with juvenile stunts. A favorite prank was to record an individual during an embarrassing situation, and then replay the incident over the base's holo-channel. No one figured out how to stop the "boys in Equipment," so the behavior was tolerated. However, it did have the side-effect of increasing security at bases where Equipment offices were located, since security scanned for listening devices more often and thoroughly to avoid being the target of the next Equipment prank.


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