The Era Daimanos was a cruiser that was used by the Sith Lord Daiman during the Republic Dark Age. In 1032 BBY, Daiman traveled in the Era Daimanos from his capital on the planet Darkknell to the world Gazzari, where he was preparing to ambush the forces of the Sith Lord Odion.

Later, the Era Daimanos was part of a makeshift Sith coalition organized by the Calimondra family matriarch Vilia Calimondra in an attempt to stop Odion from using the Helm of Ieldis to destroy the galaxy. Daiman corresponded with Vilia by hologram while on the bridge of the ship. During the ensuing fighting, the Helm drove several of Daiman's crew into a homicidal frenzy and the Sith Lord was forced to fight back with Force lightning.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Era Daimanos first appeared in John Jackson Miller's stand-alone novel Star Wars: Knight Errant which first debuted on January 22, 2011. It was later illustrated in Miller's comic Knight Errant: Escape 5, which was released on October 10, 2012. In an email conversation, Miller confirmed that Daiman's starship shown at the opening of Escape, Part 5 was indeed the Era Daimanos.



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