"Sergeant Jung, dead. Blast it. I'll put her in for a commendation along with her men."
Major Tso[src]

Era Jung was a female sergeant of the Galactic Republic. By 3638 BBY she served in the Viridian Squad under Major Tso, who said on several occasions that a girl from a rich family like Jung was unfit to lead his men. On Yavin 4 Jung led the Viridian Squad on a reconnaissance mission to the Temple of Sacrifice, but they were ambushed by the local savage Massassi. Most the team got killed, the few survivors taken captives. Jung was wounded, but attempted a rescue mission, which failed led to her death. Before dying, she left a final report for Major Tso; the report was found on her datapad by a member of the Coalition, who completed the mission and rescued her men. Upon hearing the news, Major Tso proclaimed the Viridian Squad as heroes and promised to put them all - including Era Jung - for a commendation.


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  1. Using information from the novel The Old Republic: Annihilation and Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire, the events of Game Updates 2.0 through 3.3 for Star Wars: The Old Republic can be placed in the time period between 3640 BBY and 3637 BBY. According to The Old Republic lead designer Charles Boyd (screenshot), the game's events can be assumed to occur in a timeline matching that of their real-time release. Therefore, the events of Game Update 3.0 and the Digital Expansion Shadow of Revan can be placed in approximately 3638 BBY.
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