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"We've also been researching the so-called "Eradicator" devices. They're satellites—orbital strike weapons with enough firepower to level a city. Here's the bizarre thing: The terrorists aren't building the Eradicators. They're growing them."
―Watcher Two[src]

Eradicators, partially developed by the Imperial Science Bureau under the codename Special Project 62991A, were exotic satellite based weapons developed during the years of the Cold War. They were a hybrid weapon that mixed elements of biological and mechanical technology. This was because they consisted an organic battery in a metallic shell. These orbital weapons were thus able to be grown rather than manufactured so long as there was space for them to be bred. A single Eradicator if placed around a planet was able to devastate an entire city. To control them, a set of codes were needed to activate the Eradicators though if left inactive for a long period of time - they were able to randomly target locations on the world they orbited.

They were a secret project developed by Darth Jadus as part of his plans to spread fear and terror throughout the Sith Empire. To that end, he faked his own death in order to prevent any suspicion from falling on him as well as avoid the attention of the Dark Council. Part of the Sith Lords plan involved the use of an anti-Imperial terrorist group led by a person called the Eagle who was growing the Eradicators though was unaware that it was at the direction of Darth Jadus. To ensure their use, he had half the codes with the Eagle whilst Jadus himself retained the remaining half.

Part of the goal of the Eradicators was using them on Dromund Kaas and eliminating the Dark Council. From the terror and chaos, Darth Jadus intended to emerge in order to lead the Empire into a new age. However, his plan was discovered by Cipher Nine of Imperial Intelligence who managed to deactivate the weapons before they were used.

Alternatively, Cipher Nine could have given Darth Jadus the codes for the Eradicators, and uses the opportunity during the Eradicators' assault to catch Jadus off-guard. Or Cipher Nine can take up Jadus' offer of power and independence from Sith politics and give him the codes so that they can proceed to use them to wipe out the resources and apprentices of Jadus' rivals on the Dark Council. In recognition of Cipher Nine's service, Jadus officially reassigns the Cipher as the "Hand of Jadus" as he returns to the Dark Council.