Erel Kersos was a male Human Corellian surgeon, who replaced the corrupt Admiral Tarnese Bleyd after his murder as Commanding Officer in charge of a MedStar-class frigate during the Battle of Drongar.


In his youth, Kersos Erel was disowned by his family when he married his wife Feleema, an offworlder. After six years of marriage, she passed away in an accident on Coruscant. He subsequently devoted himself to his political career.

At the time of the Clone Wars, Erel was promoted to admiral in the Republic Navy, while he was stationed above the planet Drongar after Tarnese Bleyd was killed by an assassin in 20 BBY.

During his service on Drongar, he was reunited with his nephew Jos Vondar, who also was in love with an offworlder. Upon learning of this, he interfered in their relationship, not wanting Vondar to have to endure the same pain he had, but he eventually made things right and returned to Corellia after the Battle of Drongar with Vondar and his ekster love Tolk le Trene in an effort to see his family again.



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