Ergel's Bar was a cantina in Cratertown, a settlement on the Western Reaches desert world of Jakku. Knockback Nectar, a favorite drink of humans and Uthuthma on Jakku, was sold in Ergel's Bar.[1] By 5 ABY,[2] Corwin Ballast was working as a bartender in the bar when Grand Admiral Rae Sloane came to Jakku seeking information about Gallius Rax. Ergel himself sometimes worked as a bartender there.[3]


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    The novel Aftermath says that months have passed since the Battle of Endor. Aftermath: Life Debt begins two months after the end of Aftermath; therefore, the events of the former take place at least four months after the Battle of Endor. Since three months after the Battle of Endor is part of 5 ABY, as shown with Bey and Dameron's settling on Yavin 4, events of Life Debt must take place in 5 ABY at the earliest. On the other hand, the Galactic Atlas dates the Battle of Jakku, as depicted in Life Debt's sequel Aftermath: Empire's End, to 5 ABY as well, leading to the conclusion that Life Debt is set in 5 ABY.
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