Ergric Betos was the bodyguard of Prince Anod on the planet of Velmor around 3 ABY. He witnessed the death of Anod at the hands of Imperial agent, Zeta Traal but failed to stop it in time. In his attempt to avenge his fallen charge, he saw the deranged Velmoc Jedidiah save the life of Luke Skywalker by diving in front of a blast meant for the Rebel. He was also witness to the Lord Regent, Zelor's attempt on Skywalker's life, and his death at Skywalker's hands. Following these events, he returned to Den Velmor, and accepted responsibility for the death of Anod. The new King Denid exiled the failed bodyguard to the Tol Velmoc mountains, where he eventually became an honored member of the Velmoc-Dac tribe.