Eriaduan rats were six-legged vermin indigenous to Eriadu, but also found on Koros Major. The rat was one of the few native species to escape extinction during Eriadu's industrialization, outliving most of the species that preyed upon it. The rats gave birth in huge litters, and with no predators to keep them in check, they multiplied at a vastly accelerated rate as Eriadu became more urbanized and polluted. They were vicious scavengers. Outside their territory, they were solitary and timid. Inside their territory, they were known to attack in packs of dozens or hundreds, regardless of the size of the prey. The rat's bite was not naturally toxic, but because of the environment in which they lived, it could carry numerous poisons and could be lethal, especially to Mon Calamari, who had a strong susceptibility to the toxins.

An Eriaduan rat was considered slightly larger than a whisperkit.[1]

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Eriaduan rat

One of the rats on Koros Major.

The rats are identified as "Eriaduan" in Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, but as "Eriaduian" in The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons.



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