"Some of our earliest thoughts on the atlas and galactic geography were shaped by the contributions of Eric "Cartographer" Przybylski."
Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry, in the Author's Acknowledgments to The Essential Atlas[src]

Eric Przybylski, also known as "Cartographer," is the creator of the now-defunct website, an effort to assemble all the various planets, systems, sectors, routes, and nebulae across the Star Wars galaxy. He created maps of the galaxy and specific regions of it in great detail, using hundreds of sources of Expanded Universe material and all canon from the movies. The site also had a systems section that detailed planetary positions within each referenced system.[1]

On April 12, 2007, Cartographer noted on the forums at that he had lost the URL, and that the site was without a home, though he still retained all of his data and did not rule out an eventual relaunch.[2]

Though the site has not reappeared, Przybylski's early and detailed contributions to Star Wars cartography shaped the ideas of other authors, including Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry, who acknowledged those contributions in The Essential Atlas.[3]


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