Erran Sif was a Human female renegade spy who was considered a Rebel by the Empire, but was in fact wanted by both sides during the Galactic Civil War.



Erran Sif in her bunker

According to the Bothan Spynet, she began her career as a spy for the Empire. She was instructed to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance, but upon doing so, Imperial agents learned that she was selling both Rebel and Imperial information to the Hutts. In light of this troubling news, the Empire exposed her identity so that she could be hunted down by bounty hunters or other denizens.

Realizing that her life was at risk, Erran Sif fled from her homeworld on Corellia to the Twin World of Talus. Here, she holed herself up in a secluded bunker, surrounding herself only with her most trusted associates. Her associates consisted of a ruthless mercenary crew, including a number of Trandoshans and two of her very own brothers, Hirsch and Doak.

It was believed that an unknown spacer located Erran Sif and executed her, though these reports were unverifiable.

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Erran Sif is one of many Non-Player Characters (NPC's) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. Players can go to her bunker and kill Erran Sif, though it is not clear if her death is canonically established.

The biography of Erran Sif was expanded upon in a short article titled Erran Sif and Company.



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