This article is about a person. You may be looking for Ertine, a vehicle named after him.

Ertine was the Chief of Security of Bartyn's Landing circa 69 BBY, by then an old man. Although technically an employee of Outer Rim Oreworks, Chief Ertine served the citizens of the Landing as their constable, along with the Security Chief's Seconds.

At that point, the Landing and its surrounding area were terrorized by a gang of raiders led by a supposed Jedi sorcerer known as The Padawan. The citizens asked Chief Ertine to stop them. Ertine gathered his Seconds, including a young Mon Calamari ex-sailor named Mix Liddell, and they tracked The Padawan to his gang's hideout.

Unfortunately, The Padawan saw them coming and arranged his men to ambush Ertine. Ertine and his Seconds were killed, except for Liddell who barely survived.

Eventually, Liddell was appointed Chief, stopped The Padawan and named his speederboat Ertine, after the old Chief.