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Eshkrene stables

The Eshkrene stables

The City of the Doomed on the planet Kesh's continent of Eshkrene had a series of stables which were home to the Doomed's farm livestock. These animals were descended from animals that the Doomed had brought with them from different parts of Kesh during their migration to Eshkrene. The Doomed were a Force-sensitive community which was descended from Jedi and Dark Jedi who had become stranded on Kesh following the Hundred-Year Darkness and had triggered the Great Calamity. They help keep the colony going by providing a source of food to the Doomed.

In 2974 BBY, Kaliska, the leader of the Doomed, took her Sith guest Takara Hilts on a tour of the Eshkrene stables and its animals, which she regarded as the continent's greatest treasure. During her visit, Kaliska taught Takara Hilts the Force power known as animal friendship which was used to calm animals. Following the destruction of the Doomed during Dreypa's rebellion, the stables fell into ruins as did much of the former colony since it was only held together by the will of the Doomed in the Force.