Esm Arkhee was a male Twi'lek who worked for the Cerean Force adept Pal-Nada at some point during galactic history. Arkhee was cowardly and weak-minded, which allowed Pal-Nada to used the Force to control the Twi'lek. The Cerean used Arkhee to assist him in a starship thef operation and on one occasion, while under his master's control, Arkhee approached a group of agents and by representing himself as a member of the front organization Interplanetary Acquisitions, he lured the agents into accompanying him to a hangar while the Quarren thief Shurgg attempted to steal the agents' ship.[1]

Arkhee later became a resident of the Blinders district of the city Sahl-Evin on the planet Jenenma, a region of the city that was controlled by Pal-Nada. The agents later tracked Pal-Nada to Jenenma and Arkhee was present in the cantina The Hutt's Last Laugh during a confrontation between the agents and the Gamorrean pit-fighter Tarkil Hroka.[2]


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