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His Eminence Prince Espaa Valorum was the Master of the Sith, a Bogan Master, and the real ruler of the Galactic Empire at Alderaan. His second in command was Darth Vader.

He dressed in the black uniform of the Sith One Hundred.

Behind the scenesEdit

Valorum first appeared in the rough draft as a Sith knight. After being demoted to stormtrooper after failing to capture the Rebels aboard a Baltarian freighter and witnessing the torture of Annikin Starkiller aboard the space fortress, Valorum became disgusted with the Empire, and joins the heroes in escaping the space station as it is destroyed.

In the first draft he was renamed Dodana, but this name was reused in the next version of the script for a Rebel General, a character we know as Jan Dodonna. Valorum, now given a first name, is not present in any scenes, and fills a position analogous to the Emperor in Episode IV. He was not a character in all later drafts.

Espaa Valorum's surname is the origin of the name of Finis Valorum, penultimate Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. The two share few similarities, however. The notion of a Sith rejecting the dark side probably informed Lucas's story of Darth Vader's redemption.

Espaa's first name may be the origin of Mos Espa. He shared with "Bomoje Espaa", a name used in the first draft for Bail Antilles, but subsequently rejected.