"Wait. I’ve got a sensor contact. It’s pretty far out but..."
―Esrai's last words[src]

Esrai was a female, dark-eyed member of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. In the year 2 ABY, Esrai served as a lieutenant on board the modified freighter Gamble during a mission to acquire supplies for use in the completion of the new Rebel base, Echo Base, on the planet Hoth. She piloted the starship, which had highly jury-rigged controls, alongside Captain Denlan, under the command of Princess Leia Organa and Commander Vanden Willard, bringing the vessel to the uninhabited Eschaton system were the it was to receive the coordinates at which to meet their suppliers. After receiving the coordinates however, Esrai noted a signal on the ships sensors, that of an Imperial Light corvette, which fired on the Gamble damaging it and causing the bridge's control console to explode. A piece of shrapnel from the explosion embedded itself in Esrai's head, covering her in blood and killing her. Organa, who had been floored by the blast, checked Esrai's body for signs of life shortly afterwards and felt sick after seeing the Lieutenant's head wound. Organa would later dream of Esrai, imagining that she was speaking to the lieutenant in the Summer palace on the planet Alderaan, before an explosions which left Leia unaffected but with Esrai's blood on her hands. Whilst on the mission Esrai and the rest of the crew wore no clothing that would identify them as Rebels.[1]

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Esrai first appeared in Razor's Edge by Martha Wells, released in 2013 as the first book in the Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion series of novels.


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