The Essential Guides are a series of reference books published by Del Rey yearly since 1995. The only exceptions to this are The New Essential Guide to Droids and The New Essential Guide to Alien Species in 2006, with none being published in 2008, 2010, and 2011. The Essential Guide to Warfare and The Essential Reader's Companion are the latest books in the series, each released in 2012. At the Essential Guides presentation at Celebration V, Pablo Hidalgo announced a third edition of The Essential Guide to Characters, with a release date of April 2014,[1] but this book was never released.

Each book covers different aspects of the Star Wars universe. The series started over to cover newer aspects of the universe in 2002 and again in 2007.

First GenerationEdit

Second GenerationEdit

Third GenerationEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

Essential Guides
First generation (19952001)
Characters · Vehicles and Vessels · Weapons and Technology · Planets and Moons
Droids · Chronology · Alien Species · Episode I (canceled)
Second generation (20022006)
New Characters · New Vehicles and Vessels · New Weapons and Technology
New Chronology · New Droids · New Alien Species
Third generation (20072012)
The Force · Atlas · Warfare · Reader's Companion · Characters (canceled)

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