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The Alliance was a resistance movement that was established in 3632 BBY in an attempt to oppose the oppression of Emperor Arcann of the Eternal Empire. Eventually overthrowing Arcann and his sister Vaylin, the Outlander seized the Eternal Throne, dissolving the Eternal Empire and absorbed its assets into the Alliance, rechristening the organization as the Eternal Alliance, a new galactic power that would reshape the galaxy.


Eternal Alliance

The formation of the Alliance


It was organized in the years after the armies of Zakuul ravaged the known galaxy and subjugated both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

Following the Battle of Asylum, elements from both the Republic and Sith Empire realized that the Eternal Empire was not invincible. The movement was initially organized by the individual known as the Outlander on the planet Odessen, a force-neutral planet making it a perfect place for an alliance between the light side-aligned Republic and dark-side aligned Empire, whereupon a fortress was constructed on the base of a cliff which would serve as the Alliance's base of operations during the coming war. Although the resistance movement started small, it gradually grew into a larger force, consisting of individuals from both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, such as Theron Shan, Lana Beniko, Major Pierce, Bey'wan Aygo, Hutt doctor Juvard Illip Oggurobb, and Hylo Visz, among many other specialists. Once the Alliance established itself as a force to be reckoned with, the Outlander was named the commander of the organization, and ultimately helped it grow in strength as well as lead a series of tactical strikes against the Eternal Empire's Star Fortresses.

Initial strikesEdit

The GEMINI DeceptionEdit

The first objective the Alliance targeted was the Eternal Fleet. Subsequently, collaboration with Kaliyo Djannis and Havoc Squad enabled the Alliance to locate a hyperwave relay station beneath the Spire that transmitted orders to the Fleet. Kaliyo and Havoc Squad attempted to infiltrate the Spire to reach the relay station but were forced to flee, but not before obtaining a datacore on the GEMINI droids that ran the Fleet.

Analysis of the datacore revealed the existence of the GEMINIs template, GEMINI Prime, hidden in a factory on Darvannis. To acquire the droid, the Alliance worked alongside Mandalorians to besiege the factory.

After acquiring the Prime, SCORPIO determined that GEMINI Prime could take control of the Eternal Fleet if she were plugged into the captain's chair of one of the ships. The Commander personally led a boarding party to seize one lone ship, but SCORPIO double-crossed the Alliance, seizing control of Zakuul and most of the Eternal Fleet for herself while exposing Odessen's location to Arcann.

Battle of OdessenEdit

With their location exposed, the Alliance fought in defense of their base, with only the Gravestone facing off against Arcann and the Eternal Fleet ships under his control. The Outlander led a boarding party aboard the Eternal Flagship to defeat the Emperor and disable the Flagship, even as SCORPIO seized control of Arcann's ships to eliminate both her enemies at once. The Commander succeeded in defeating Arcann and left him for dead, only for his mother Senya Tirall to betray the Alliance to rescue her son and fled the system. The Gravestone soon wiped out the Eternal Fleet, saving the Alliance from destruction.

With their victory over Arcann, Republic and Imperial forces from across the galaxy defected to join the Alliance.

Invasion of VossEdit

Despite Arcann's defeat, the Alliance faced a deadlier opponent in his sister Vaylin, who assumed the throne with SCORPIO becoming her advisor, and began scouring the galaxy for her family. Eventually, the Alliance came to the defense of Voss when the Eternal Fleet launched an all-out attack. The battle ended when the Sith Empire intervened, sending the Fleet into retreat.

Attempted CoupEdit

In light of Empress Acina's aid, the Commander traveled to Dromund Kaas to discuss an alliance against Zakuul. However, some time after arriving, both the Commander and Empress reportedly died in a shuttle crash. Subsequently, former Republic Supreme Chancellor, Leontyne Saresh, offered to step in and lead the Alliance. Aygo desired to send her away but the lower-ranking troops wanted to hear her out, uncertain how the Alliance would continue without their leader. However, just as Saresh began her speech, the Commander returned to Odessen alive and well, having survived being assassinated by the GenoHaradan, who were sent by Saresh in her bid to take control of the Alliance, and put an end to her attempted coup.

Retaking the GravestoneEdit

The Alliance later answered a distress call from Captain Koth Vortena aboard the Gravestone, which had been boarded by Vaylin and SCORPIO. The Alliance fleet engaged the Eternal Fleet once more while the Commander and their inner circle attempted to retake the Gravestone. Unfortunately, after the Commander disabled the quantum bomb aboard the Gravestone, SCORPIO seized control and took it and the Eternal Fleet to their homeworld of Iokath. To the Alliance's relief, the Commander managed to survive Iokath and returned to Odessen with the Gravestone. The Alliance soon began upgrading the Gravestone with the aid of datafiles recovered from Iokath.

Operation Dragon's MawEdit

With Vaylin having retaken control of the Eternal Fleet from SCORPIO, the Alliance resolved to put an end to her rule by collaborating with local Zakuulan rebels led by Indo Zal. The Commander, along with Theron Shan and Lana Beniko, infiltrated the Grand Festival of Empress Vaylin in an attempt to get close to assassinate Vaylin. The operation became complicated when Arcann independently led an assault on the Palace of the Eternal Dragon with a group of loyalists and ultimately, Vaylin fled Zakuul in disgrace.

Second Battle of OdessenEdit

The Commander later pursued Vaylin to Nathema, where the Empress managed to break her mental conditioning before launching an all-out assault on Odessen. The Alliance once again held their own against the Eternal Empire's onslaught before the Commander managed to kill Vaylin, sending the Eternal Fleet into retreat and her ground forces into surrendering.

The battle resulted in heavy casualties for both the Alliance and Eternal Empire, but these losses would turn the tide of the war, with an Alliance victory almost certain.

Battle of ZakuulEdit

Unfortunately, without a master, the Eternal Fleet began to rampage across known space with the intent of wiping out all life. With no other recourse, the Alliance fleet, with the Gravestone at its head, traveled to Zakuul, where the Fleet was bombarding the planet and protecting the Eternal Throne. While the Alliance kept the Fleet preoccupied, the Commander attempted to access the Throne from the surface. Once the Commander assumed control of the Throne, the Fleet became pacified.


With the Eternal Fleet under control and the Royal Family of Zakuul defeated, the Commander announced to the entire galaxy the dissolution of the Eternal Empire and the Alliance's reformation as the Eternal Alliance as a new galactic power. However, despite this victory, the Republic and Sith Empire began preparing for war and rogue factions across the galaxy initiated their own uprisings in response to the Eternal Alliance's rise to power.


The flagship of the fledgling fleet was an ancient alien frigate known as the Gravestone, captained by former Zakuulian soldier Koth Vortena. In the aftermath of the battle many vessels from both the Sith Empire and the Republic made their way to Odessen to bolster the Alliance's forces. Currently, the Alliance fleet comprises of Hammerhead-class cruisers and Terminus-class cruisers with the Gravestone being the flagship. Following the Battle of Zakuul, the Alliance navy greatly expanded with the Eternal Fleet being commanded by the Alliance Commander, making the Eternal Alliance a force to be reckoned with.

The Alliance Army was a mixture of pirates, bounty hunters, criminals, smugglers, Sith, Jedi, and a countless mixture of Republic and Imperial soldiers and independent forces. While this gave the Alliance flexibility, it limited its manpower early on in its goal. It wouldn't be until the Eternal Empire collapsed and several systems and groups joined the Alliance that their numbers would begin to continuously grow through volunteers and those willing to abandon their respective faction.

While nowhere near to numbering that of the Sith Empire or Galactic Republic, the Alliance makes up for it in elite task forces, often led by the Alliance Commander itself, capable of eliminating powerful and dangerous threats.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. According to the novel The Old Republic: Annihilation, the Treaty of Coruscant collapsed in 3642 BBY, and Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire states that Choza Raabat disappeared two years before that, or 3644 BBY. The game also establishes that Raabat's disappearance occurred twelve years before the events of Fallen Empire, so Chapters II-VII of Fallen Empire must take place in 3632 BBY, and Chapter I—which takes place five years prior to the rest of the expansion—in 3637 BBY. Chapter IX and the post-chapter content span a number of months, between the years 3632 and 3631 BBY.

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