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Etha Naru was a professor. For a time, she had worked for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, before being thought to be killed by Imperial troops. In fact, she went on to work for the Galactic Empire as a scientist. Leaving behind her rebel past, and a daughter, she began researching for the Empire and stumbled upon a technique for mass-manufacturing lightsabers.

Word of her discovery reached a group of Rebel operatives who were concerned of the implications of the discovery. They traced her to a space station where Naru was attending a secret conference of Imperial scientists. By chance, one of the rebel operatives was Naru's daughter, who'd always believed her mother had killed by the Imperials. The operatives continuing their pursuit of Naru, leading them to to the fortress world of Tikath.

Behind the scenesEdit

Etha Naru was used to illustrate how to integrate a big twist into a roleplaying game. As such, the resolution of her story was left unclear.


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