The Etti light cruiser was a small capital ship built by the Corporate Sector Authority, and built off of the same space frame as the Etti-class light transport.[1]

Despite being based off of the same frame, the Etti light cruiser's refitted design allowed for more powerful shields, weapons, and engines. Because of this, it was often used as a patrol vessel, or as a "Q-ship" (a modified vessel designed to lure in pirate vessels, and then destroy them).[1]

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The statistics for the Etti-class cruiser are nearly identical to that of the Etti Lighter found in the Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook, which is stated to be occasionally converted into a patrol craft.

Additionally, there seems to be a small image discrepancy in Tempest Feud where the image for the Vengeance, a YV-260 light freighter, is displayed in the Etti light cruiser encounter. As the image lacks the ten quad laser cannons of the cruiser (having an armament consistent with the Vengeance), and possesses the blocky cockpit design distinct to the YV-series, it is safe to say that the image was misplaced in the sourcebook - especially as the image is not definitively tied to an info or stat block, and is simply free standing.


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