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Euceron was a planet located in the Mid Rim, near Anzat. It was known for its smugglers and illegal activities. The planet hosted the Galactic Games of 26 BBY, in its capital city Eusebus. Its humanoid people were also called Euceron.

The government in charge of Euceron was called the Ruling Power, a body that felt underrepresented in the Galactic Senate. They used the Galactic Games awarded them as a means to prove their stability, gain more power in the Senate, and secure positions on certain important committees.

It was during these pre-Clone Wars Games of 26 BBY that 14-year-old Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker won the freedom of Djulla Tyerell (sister of Deland and Doby Tyerell, but a slave to the Dug Sebulba, father of podracer Hekula) by winning a celebrated though illegal podrace in which the further illegalities of rigging and sabotage were made by high-profile members of the Council of the Games.

The former five-game champion of the 33 BBY Games, a local Euceronian athlete and Games Council member by the name of Maxo Vista, was later exposed and summoned before the Ruling Power for conspiring to rig the race, which was held in the Great Dordon Caves. Moreover, had the sabotage attempts of both Vista and Games Council head Liviani Sarno been fully successful, the podrace would have ended in untold spectator deaths. Sarno and Vista, notwithstanding their complicity, were ultimately released from custody, however, when the Jedi failed to produce any key witnesses—one of whom (Bog Divinian) refused to testify against him, while the others were either dead (murdered "timing judge" Aarno Dering) or had fled the planet (information brokers Fligh and Didi Oddo).

During the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Tholme was dispatched by the Jedi High Council to mediate a dispute on Euceron.

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