Evad Court was the most famous safe house in Point Nadir. It was located in the middle of the Fissure District, and the outside appearance was one of anonymity.

It had excellent security, with active and passive detection systems. The grounds were patrolled by highly trained Human guards whose only loyalty was to the owners of Evad Court. They would be assigned as a pair to a guest, and they wore finely tailored suits of black silk.

It had self-contained power and life support and had many different forms of entertainment and diversions for its guests.

Guests were blindfolded when they were escorted to Evad Court, and the exact location was a closely guarded secret. Guests were expected to pay upfront for their stay, and were not allowed to leave until their time was up. They were allowed to keep personal weapons, but were expected to be discreet about carrying them in public.

It was rumored that Evad Court was owned at least partially by Sable Dawn.