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The Evasive-13 individual field disruptor was an individual field disruptor manufactured by Aeramaxis Technologies. It countered existing shield technologies by emitting energy signatures capable of briefly disrupting defensive energy fields.


The Evasive-13 consisted of a fifteen-centimeter-long case containing a control computer, twin projection shells each containing a disruption bubble unit, and a power cell. The disruption units activated when the twin shells were slid away from the power cell, generating a small energy shield which enveloped the user.[1]

The intensity and longevity of the disruption bubble could be varied depending on what field the user was attempting to penetrate. At its lowest setting the Evasive-13 could pass through low-powered energy fences and maintain continuous use for over an hour. While at maximum setting it could pass through most military-grade fields, maintaining this setting would drain the power cell in less than four minutes.[1]

In addition to counter-acting energy fields, the Evasive-13 could be utilized in hand-to-hand fighting; anyone coming into contact with a full-intensity disruption field received a painful and potentially fatal energy blast.[1]


The Evasive-13 was first released during the reign of the Galactic Empire, using then-cutting edge technology and costing 25,000 credits to buy. Around the time of the Battle of Yavin more powerful disruptors were introduced, relegating the Evasive-13 to a midrange unit available at a more affordable 11,000 credits for paramilitary groups. One such group used Evasive-13 units to infiltrate Dr. Evazan's fortress on Ando in an attempt to kill him, though their attack was foiled and they were killed by Evazan and his companion Ponda Baba.[1]

A more powerful version of the Evasive-13, the Evasive-226-R field disruptor, was adopted by the Empire's Storm commandos, as well as Page's Commandos of the New Republic.[1]


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