This article is about the cantina on Duro. You may be looking for other cantinas with the same name.

The Event Horizon was a cantina buried deep within the Rrudobar orbital city over the planet Duro, established by Clawfish, a Quarren criminal. It was well-known among smugglers, gunrunners, and outlaw techs working the Corellian Trade Spine as a source of illicit information or a good brawl.

The cantina's most distinguishing feature was its dual-environment layout; half was reserved as a typical (if humid) cantina for terrestrial patrons, while the other half contained spas and wading pools for aquatic species. The two halves were divided by the bar, which faced in both directions. There was a concealed escape tunnel leading to the street, which exited from the bar and a false crate in the storage area.

Placards on the walls warned Neimoidians, droids, and repo agents to stay away.