Evin Telbre was a male individual who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War. At some point Telbre established a shipping company and shortly after the business had begun trading, Telbre's best friend was killed when the smuggler Balthazar Sim bombed a transit shuttle near to the planet Coruscant, in an attempt to cover up a conspiracy. After eighteen months of searching, Telbre eventually learned that Sim was responsible for his friend's death and the businessman vowed to track down Sim and make the smuggler pay for his crime.

Over the next few years, Telbre used his business as a cover to enable him to help slaves to flee from Hutt Space and establish new lives for themselves as free individuals. Several years after the death of his friend, Telbre obtained security footage of Sim murdering the attendees of a high-class dinner party, to cover up an unauthorized distribution of the drug pleaz-mo. During the operation, Sim looted a crystalline codage from one of his victims which, unknown to the smuggler, contained a homing beacon. Telbre eventually obtained the codes to the beacon and he used them to track Sim to Aucellis Park, an entertainment park that was located on the moon Keriba VI. Telbre then hired a group of agents to travel to Aucellis Park and capture the smuggler.