The Evuk-Nosk was a Sith starship that brought the first of their kind to the planet Voss during distant times. After crashing on the planet, the ship became lost after a flood sank the ship deeper beneath the surface. In time, the ship became a legend and a dark omen to the native Voss along with the Gormak.

During the Cold War, the Jedi Master Halykus and the Voss discovered that a faction of Gormak were seeking the Evuk-Nosk. These Gormak intended to recover the vessel and use it to scorch the skies of Voss and annihilate their enemies' stronghold of Voss-Ka. As the ship was being uncovered, its influence in the Force saw it visibly affect the Voss.

The Jedi Order tasked a Galactic Republic spacer with ending the Gormak recovery efforts.