"We are the daughters of the great hero Ewane. The great hero who barely spent one day in his daughters' presence but passed them off to strangers to raise. The great hero who only thought about his planet, not his own flesh and blood."
Eritha's portrayal of her father.[src]

Ewane was a Human male who served as the Supreme Governor of New Apsolon, and was the father of Alani and Eritha.


"Ewane ruled for five years as Supreme Governor and was reelected. Shortly after this, he was murdered."

New Apsolon had formerly had a totalitarian system of government, in which a small, wealthy population called the Civilized was considered much more important the the Workers. Ewane had been a hero of the common people and a leader of the local resistance. Because of that he became a prisoner of the secret police organization of the Civilized government know as The Absolutes, as a result of that his two daughters grew up without him, being raised by a fellow Worker, Lenz. After the revolution he was selected to run as Supreme Governor in the first free election. Ewane won, and later ran for re-election, winning once again. However, shortly after, he was murdered. His successor was his closest friend, Roan, a Civilized that fought for equality between Workers and Civilized. Roan was killed too, in a plan plotted by Ewane's twin daughters Alani and Eritha to achieve power in New Apsolon.



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