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An Ewok Handler.

Ewok Handlers were soldiers used by the Zann Consortium. They were armed with Gaffi Sticks and used Ewoks as bombs.

Prior to battle, the handlers captured many Ewoks and strap vests with explosives such as Thermal detonators on them. When enemy infantry got near to Tyber Zann's forces, the handlers unleashed their confused captives, who then ran towards the enemies in hopes of salvation, only to blow up in a devastating explosion that engulfed both the Ewoks and the targets.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ewok handlers look similar to the the rancor handler Malakili from Return of the Jedi. It is unknown if this is meant to imply a connection to the Circus Horrificus, the organization to which Malakili once belonged.

In Galactic Conquest mode in Forces of Corruption, Ewok Handlers can only be recruited if Endor has been corrupted with slavery.



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