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Ewok Pilot 1 Cover

The cover of Ewok Pilot #1

Ewok Pilot #1 was a comic in the Ewok Pilot series by Roan Novachez. It was the premiere issue of the comic, introducing the character of Ewok Pilot and explaining how he came to fly starfighters for the Galactic Republic.[1]


By the time Novachez began attending Jedi academy at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, he had already drawn numerous comics in the series. Ewok Pilot #1 went on sale as a collector's item in his second year at the academy, advertised in The Padawan Observer, Vol. MXIII #8. It was available for one credit from the Padawan Observer Office and would be delivered within six to eight weeks of payment being received.[2]


The story opens with two Human starfighter pilots, one of whom has just crashed on a remote planet. The second pilot saw the other's starfighter crash and offers to help him back in his starfighter. However, before they can go anywhere, the starfighter is stolen by a mysterious individual that is later identified as an Ewok, who flies away with a happy "Ee chee wa maa!!" ("Wow, gee whiz!")[3][1]

Back at base, the two pilots speak with their commander, who seems to have taken a shine to the young Ewok. They express their doubts, but the commander offers the Ewok a starfighter of his very own. "Chaaa" ("this one") indicates the Ewok.[3] The Ewok, dubbed simply "Ewok Pilot," soon begins flight lessons, as the two pilots try to teach him how to stay in formation and avoid asteroids. Ewok Pilot has a rather unconventional flight style that leads one of the two pilots to wonder if he will be more dangerous to himself or to them.[1]

Later, an emergency distress beacon is received from Tatooine. Ewok Pilot is the first to arrive, saving a woman and her baby. The commander congratulates Ewok Pilot on saving everyone. Ewok Pilot shouts a happy "Allayloo!" (Celebrate!)[3] while one of the two pilots facepalms.[1]


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Advertisement for Ewok Pilot #1

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