ExO was the title given to the highest authority figure within the Corporate Sector Authority. This individual presided over the Direx Board and while originally charged only with scheduling meeting times and locations and presenting Direx policy to the Authority consumers, later assumed greater authority with Direx operating in a more advisory capacity. The ExO was selected from candidates that were outside the ranks of the Direx Board, usually from the current Viceprexes. To be elected a candidate had to be nominated, seconded, and thirded then voted in by a majority. The position was for no fixed term but at any time a vote of no-confidence from the Direx Board, which would need to be seconded and ratified, could remove an individual from office.

The ExO was required to hold no stock save from CSA companies and to hold no outside positions. To be found with outside interests was grounds for immediate removal from office. The ExO was considered a political leader abroad and held the social standing of an Imperial Grand Moff.


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