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"They're executing King Dendup tomorrow in Yolahn Square."

Around 20 BBY, an execution was held at the capital city of Onderon, Iziz, at Yolahn Square. King Sanjay Rash ordered the execution of former king Ramsis Dendup and rebel Saw Gerrera to stimulate power to the Onderonians.


Dendup and Saw Gerrera were about to be executed by electroguillotine at Yolahn Square, just at the feet of Unifar Temple. However, in the last moment the Onderon rebels, led by Steela Gerrera, interrupted the execution by shooting the battle droids and IG-100 MagnaGuards. While the rebels were about to free the two, General Kalani called for reinforcements, and in the process rebel Dono was killed. The execution was about to be done at once, when General Tandin, leader of the Royal Onderon Militia and his men aided the rebels, so Dendup and Saw Gerrera could escape along with the other rebels. When Tandin was about to be killed by Droidekas and B2 super battle droids, Ahsoka Tano force-pushed the droids, and helped Tandin to escape as well.[1]


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