SWE1R (Executioner Map)

Track map.

Live Race- Oovo IV- Executioner


Executioner was a podracing course on Oovo IV and the first race of the Galactic Podracing Circuit. This track had a reputation for terminating the careers of upstart podracing pilots. To make the race entertaining, the wardens of the prison made sure the course's anti-gravity tubes were chock full of ore to smash into.

Beginning again at the arena, the podracers made their way through a rather large avenue, which soon narrowed down as two massive walls brought the diameter down to a single racer. As the course went down into the first anti-gravity tube, an alternate path could be found above it. Back out on normal gravity, the track went into a straightaway until racers met the next tube, 90 degrees below them. The entrance to the shaft was on the ground, so pilots must slow down or smash into the ahead. They exited onto a straightaway, where pods thrust through a staging area surrounded by an energy field. A sewer-type of area was up next, with four separate tunnels to choose from. As these tunnels converged, the racers would enter a zero-gravity tube; near the entrance to this tube, the beak of an Exogorth poked through the wall. Finally, the pilots landed heading straight for the arena to finish the lap.

With the same type of terrain as Vengeance, podracers with high ratings in top speed and cooling would do well on this track.

Tournament and Race NumberEdit

This course was the first race in the Galactic Podracing Circuit tournament.

Track FavoriteEdit

Lap Time: 01:31.540
Race Time: 04:42.310


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